For the Academic

The life of an academic professional is challenging—a balance of teaching, research, and service in which finding time for detailed tasks such as copy-editing and proofreading can be daunting. Whether you’re a doctoral candidate searching for your first job or an experienced professor who could use a set of outside eyes on your manuscript, reviewer response, or grant proposal, we can help. At K&K editorial, we have extensive experience with writing and editing in the academic context and are comfortable working with scholars in a variety of disciplines. If none of our defined services are quite right for your needs, let us know how we can help.

Copy Editing

This service includes a detailed review of the manuscript and corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, and word usage. In addition, we will make suggestions regarding transitions, structure, and argument quality, though this will be from the vantage of a disciplinary outsider. Finally, we will review for general adherence to academic style (APA, Chicago, MLA), though we don’t claim expertise in the minutiae of each style guide. You will receive your manuscript with both corrections and comments via track changes and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $0.02/word


This service is designed for manuscripts that have already been through a round of copy editing and includes a detailed review for typographical and spelling errors, punctuation, grammar, and text layout. You will receive your manuscript with corrections via track changes and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $0.01/word

Editorial Response Materials

Scholars are often challenged in crafting the response letters required for publication in academic journals. This service will assist in the process by proofreading and copy-editing editorial response letters and evaluating letters in light of comments from reviewers. You will receive your response letter with both corrections and comments via track changes, a memo (typically 1-2 single-space pages) assessing the strategy of your response, and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $125

Application and Promotion Materials

This service assists individuals in editing and crafting materials for the academic job search and the tenure and promotion process. We will work with materials including Curriculum Vitae, Research Statements, Teaching Statements, and Cover Letters, customizing the services provided to your search or tenure and promotion situation. Contact us for a rate quote based on your specific needs.