For the Author

Crafting the perfect novel, memoir, or short story may feel like an arduous process, but it doesn’t need to. Wherever you are in your writing journey, K&K Editorial has services to help you along the way. If you’re finishing a first or second draft, a manuscript critique will help guide you through the revision process. If your manuscript is nearing completion, copyediting and proofreading will strengthen your work. And if you’re ready to submit a project to agents and editors, let us help with your query letter! If none of these options sound quite right, please get in touch and we’ll build a service that works for you.

Manuscript Critique

This service is for the author looking for holistic feedback before revising or submitting to an agent or editor. The manuscript critique will consider issues including voice, plot, character development, structure, narrative flow, pacing, transitions, and audience. You will receive an extensive editorial letter (7-10 single-spaced pages); your manuscript with questions, comments, and suggestions inserted via track changes; and the opportunity for follow-up via email or a 30-minute phone or Skype appointment. The manuscript critique service is designed for manuscripts that are relatively “clean” and does not include detailed copy editing.

Typical Rate: $0.03/word

Copy Editing

This service includes a detailed review of the manuscript and corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, and word usage. In addition, we will make suggestions to improve issues such as dialogue, transitions, flow, pacing, and structure, though these suggestions will not be as extensive as in the manuscript critique service. You will receive your manuscript with both corrections and comments via track changes and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $0.02/word


This service is designed for manuscripts that have already been through a round of copy editing and includes a detailed review for typographical and spelling errors, punctuation, grammar, and text layout. You will receive your manuscript with corrections via track changes and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $0.01/word

Query Letter and Synopsis

Once your manuscript is complete and polished, you begin the daunting quest for a literary agent or publisher. This process involves crafting a compelling query letter and often a one- or two-page synopsis of your book. Our services include a line-by-line edit of these documents, suggestions regarding structure and strategy, and an opportunity for follow-up via email.

Typical Rate: $100 for either query letter or synopsis, $150 for both